PBS – Karen Peterson Dancers

This is a piece I produced that aired last month on WLRN (Miami’s PBS). It’s on Karen Peterson, whose dance group is mixed ability, that is dancers both with and without wheelchairs. I was also DP and editor on the piece.


  1. Joey, This is quite beautiful. Just found it today 4-12 on my birthday. Thanks for the great reporting!!
    Let make a real documentary. Karen

  2. Joey,
    Awestruck by this video. Beautifully captured. Truly moved and humbled by it…I stumbled onto here after seeing your lifehack trailer as I’m a huge 4hww fan…keep up the good work! We need more people putting inspirational stories like this out into the mainstream. If you ever need more story ideas- I’d love to scout for ya!
    Kindest regards,

  3. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Joey, We have a new project with KPD and the Wendy Pedersen Jazz Trio for the Dec 11th Performances at the Byron Theatre along with the mixed – ability work from Buyout Dreams from Excello. 6/10. Th work is strong .

    Call me

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